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358 Feature Bug resolved calendar views: layout & interface Actions
197 Feature Bug resolved calendar: usability aspects Actions
1077 Bug Bug resolved Edit and publish Actions
1072 Bug Bug resolved empty screen on list view Actions
1064 Bug Bug resolved error on creating event (after selecting target) Actions
1070 Usability Bug resolved External calendar form unclear Actions
213 Feature Bug resolved Global Agenda Actions
1089 Bug Bug resolved If I post a Calendar event to a group, I see the object structure Actions
181 Bug Bug resolved import ical: empty screen Actions
1092 Bug Bug resolved My account > Personnal calendar > When I put [=User=HideNoneWorkingHours=] to ON, it cannot be put to OFF again Actions
1094 Feature Feature implemented No icon yet for External Calendar and Task Actions
1075 Feature Bug resolved Object title short to the edit page of the personal calendar object Actions
470 Bug Bug resolved on delete of calendar event Actions
1984 Bug Feature implemented on opening course calendar item in personal calendar Actions
1430 Bug Bug resolved Personal Calendar views Actions
1082 Usability Bug resolved Personal Calendar Change end date Actions
1081 Bug Bug resolved Personal Calendar Edit and update Actions
1069 Bug Bug resolved Personal Calendar List View Actions
1429 Bug Bug resolved Personal Calendar month view Actions
1071 Bug Feature implemented Personal Calendar Today View Actions
2445 Bug Bug resolved personal calendar: error on list view Actions
1403 Bug Bug resolved Personal calendar: error on publishing Actions
168 Bug Bug resolved Personal Calendar: Fatal error Actions
1068 Bug Bug resolved problems with the month view Actions
1976 Bug Feature implemented publish from personal calendar Actions
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