From 20/05/2012 to 18/06/2012


13:42 Bug #4982 (Bug resolved): Calendar application: Course calendar items not displayed
Only the content objects created in the Calendar application itself are displayed.
The calendar events from your cou...
Michael Hosdez
13:03 Usability #4974 (Assigned): User account will get very slow.....
When changing a calendar event to a repetitive event, you select the interval (day, week, ...) but do not fill in the... Ludwig Theunis
11:19 Bug #4956 (New): external calendar
in the external calendar CO, one has to give a URI, but it doesn't work with the html code of a google calendar.
It ...
dominique de guchtenaere


13:08 Bug #4920 (New): Repeat calendar events broken
When a calendar object has repeats, a fatal error is thrown.
Fatal error: Call to member function get_start_date()...
Anthony Hurst

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