From 20/10/2009 to 18/11/2009


17:38 Bug #163 (Assigned): Assessment, hot spot question
This *used* to work ... so I'm guessing something went wrong round about the time we switched from learning object to... Hans De Bisschop
15:41 Bug #163 (Bug resolved): Assessment, hot spot question
Error on creating of hot spot question: _The form contains incorrect or incomplete data. Please check your input._, w... Anonymous
16:06 Bug #167 (Bug resolved): breadcrumbs
Breadcrumbs show incomplete paths when building an assignment. Anonymous
16:00 Bug #165 (Bug resolved): empty screen when showing results
When browsing an assessment and selecting 'show results' one gets an empty screen Anonymous
15:59 Feature #164 (Bug resolved): question preview
Question preview would be a very welcome feature so that the teacher/designer can judge the end result of the question. Anonymous
11:34 Feature #162 (New): General feedback to a question (various question types)
Now all feedback to answers to questions is linked to each particular possible answer.
It is not possible to give ge...
11:18 Bug #161 (Bug resolved): fill in the blanks
There is a coordination problem in this question type between the editor and the answer boxes that are generated on b... Anonymous

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