Chamilo 1.8.8 development to be started soon

For those getting worried about the long list of (minor) bug reports accumulating in the queues list, don't. We'll be soon organizing the development efforts for 1.8.8 which is starting to take shape.
Added by Yannick Warnier over 12 years ago

Hi girls and guys,

Most of the active people around here will have noticed that development has been very slow during the month of August. It is likely that it will continue that way until the end of September. But don't worry: That's because we are currently working with a series of organizations who want improvements in a lot of (existing or non-existing) features, and planning takes a whole lot of efforts (and money), so we've been focusing on doing just that.

The good news is that most of these projects are starting to take shape and getting the first round of financial approval, so it is very likely we'll be starting the heavy work of adding new features and fixing reported bugs around the end of September.

There's still not a lot I can say today, but I am very excited by the latest requests we have received, and it might turn Chamilo 1.8.8 into a really innovating e-learning platform (once again).

If you would like to send us patches and new features, please use this tracking system to do so, they will be integrated (if proving useful to most people) with great pleasure. Most of your bug reports will be treated with due care.

If you would like to help the development efforts financially, the association now accepts donations through PayPal, so let us know at . If you mention that you want this donation to support the development of 1.8.8, it will directly influence the delay before the release of 1.8.8! I'll make sure of it.

In particular, if you want a fully web mindmapping feature to get into Chamilo 1.8.8, we have everything designed but we lack financial resources. Help us finance it to get real collaborative mindmapping into the new version. If you would like to know more, write to me at . We need €5000 to get that started (which has already been brought down by our efforts for planning it), so if you think your organization is likely to consider financing it, put us in contact with your boss! We know some organizations have a budget to waste before the end of the year... let's waste it in something useful for all!


Yannick Warnier
Development leader for Chamilo 1.8