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Release probably due Friday 23rd or this weekend. Feel free to help fixing bugs
Added by Yannick Warnier over 12 years ago

Hi all,

We're suffering delays in the release of, mostly because of other urgent activities that got most of the team stuck doing something else. We'll still try to release this week-end, and we will release in July no matter what.

Please help us resolve bugs. Some of them are really easy (like fixing a translation), some of them much less., but we'd appreciate you having a look at the list of 74 bugs remaining (most of them minor) to try and fix them all in this version rather than in version 1.8.8 (still a few months away).
Some of them only require an approval from someone testing them on (updated every two hours). If you have a bit of free time, don't use lousy excuses! ;-) Help us squish these bugs!

  1. find an easy bug in the list
  2. test on
  3. if you can still see the bug, report it in the bug report, if not, report it too
  4. if you think you might help fix a code bug, look into the code (get it from and let us know what you think might fix it

Thank you all!