Chamilo issues management is moving to Github

From now on, new issues will be managed on
Added by Yannick Warnier about 7 years ago

Dear contributors,

After many years of good services from Redmine, we feel like our growing community needs require an issue reporting infrastructure that we cannot provide at the moment given our limited infrastructure.

As such, we will rely on Github's incredibly reliable infrastructure and move all new issues there. If you don't have a Github account yet, you can create a new one easily using just your e-mail address and a username (look for the "Sign up" button on

This move should give us, developers, more time to attend your issues, and should give you, our contributors, a faster and more available platform. That's a win-win situation for us.

We will take some time (probably around 1 year) to move all unclosed issues to Github. In the meantime, you can continue interacting on old issues through, as always.

Thank you for trusting our decision process and for contributing to chamilo.

Yannick Warnier
Project leader


Added by Jan Derriks about 7 years ago

Fine. Where is the google translate Spanish to English option :-)

Added by Matthieu Moy about 7 years ago

The "report a bug" icon on the right-hand side of the screen on still points to which is about redmine. You may want to add a big, visible warning to this "how_to_report_bugs" page pointing to GitHub.

Added by Yannick Warnier over 6 years ago

Updated on the wiki page. The link will get updated when we upgrade to the new version of Chamilo there.