Chamilo LMS 1.10.0 beta released

Added by Yannick Warnier about 8 years ago

We just released Chamilo LMS 1.10.0 beta.

This version is not yet stable, and is meant mainly for testing purposes until we release the stable version 2 or 3 weeks for now.

To download the beta, go to and choose your package, then follow the install procedure.

You can check the list of new features in the Changelog:

At this time, the upgrade from Chamilo LMS 1.9.* should be fully operational, although you will have to use the default CSS style "Chamilo" to avoid a broken/ugly interface.

Let us know of any issue at


Added by Tomas Rodrigues about 8 years ago

Baixando e testando aqui. Estava ansioso pelo lançamento.