Chamilo LMS 1.9 Database Structure Diagram available

Added by Yannick Warnier almost 11 years ago

Several of you guys asked me for a database diagram lately. As I had a lot of disconnected time on my hands with the little flight trip to Mexico to promote Chamilo, I have tried to organize the diagram. It is not 100% complete with the relationships between tables (there are things that even I don't know for sure), but it is about 90% complete and should at least allow you to understand the basic relationship between all the tables inside Chamilo.

Please note that, as you should know, Chamilo LMS 1.9 is the first version of Chamilo LMS to use a single database without tables replication. As such, there are still many improvements we want to bring to the structure in future versions (in particular ensuring that there is a unique primary key for each table). At the moment, the structure does not allow for the use of the InnoDB engine in MySQL or MariaDB, and possibly for the use of another database system. Nevertheless, it is already much more organized, manageable and optimizable than it was in 1.8.

If you have suggestions or comments about the diagram, you know the way, just create a new feature in

To download the diagram, go here:

I take this opportunity to remind you that this is a community project, and although I try to lead you all a little bit so that we go in the same direction, there is no reason why we should contribute on Chamilo and you shouldn't. If you think something is wrong in Chamilo, do something about it! Raise your voice and if no one cares, suggest a patch. I can assure you we treat patches as god-sent opportunities and we will consider it (and you) with the highest level of respect. If you raise your voice, try to do it respectfully too. Do it in public and do not form your sentences in a way that could be misunderstood as a lack of respect. It does affect dramatically our motivation and, as a consequence, the quality of Chamilo.

Thank you all for being contributors of the Chamilo LMS project. We love working with each other and we hope you love it too.



Added by Marko Kastelic almost 11 years ago