Changes might require CTRL+F5 on

Changes to responsive design might require CTRL+F5 on
Added by Yannick Warnier almost 11 years ago

Hi everybody,

We have made a bunch of design changes yesterday (almost exclusively CSS and almost exclusively for mobile phones), so you might find your portal a little broken. Fear not, just use the cabalistic CTRL+F5 key-combination and you should be ready for testing.

For those of you who might be curious about the responsive-design stuff, it's just a series of little things which should make using Chamilo 1.9.4 through a smartphone or tablet easier and more pleasing to the eye (less useless headers and borders, more aligned contents).

As a few of you might know, we have decided not to develop a specific "app" for Chamilo, but rather go directly in the HTML5 direction, which already enables you to use most of your Chamilo 1.9.2 with a smartphone. Once on a 1.9.2 portal, you can also click the "Add as application" in your browser options, and the Chamilo icon will appear as one of your smartphone applications.