Chamilo to be released

Chamilo is a fix release for Chamilo 1.8.8
Added by Yannick Warnier over 12 years ago

In a few minutes, we will release Chamilo, which is a fix-release for Chamilo 1.8.8. As you might have seen, the release of 1.8.8 was quickly followed by a series of small bug reports of medium gravity, so we decided not to spread the 1.8.8 release too much and to immediately develop corrective patches. Version is thus like an "official 1.8.8" release. A good one, this time.

If you had previously installed Chamilo 1.8.8, your job will be very easy: just overwrite the previous code with the new package. No upgrade procedure involved. If you want to do in the detail, update your main/inc/conf/configuration.php file to update the version number at the end of the file.

To celebrate the release of, we will organize an online Chamilo 1.8.9, 4h developers crash-course in Spanish (if there is enough demand, we'll do it in French and/or English too). If you want to know more, please send an e-mail to or subscribe to

We hope you like it,

The Chamilo team


Added by ashish yadav over 11 years ago

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