Feature #198

Updated by Yannick Warnier almost 4 years ago

Apparently, there is some kind of hype in the Shakespeare world about "pre-assessments". These allow users to take a test that allows them to enter a course or another, depending on the results of the test.

This might be something to consider in Chamilo: the results of one test could "trigger" the registration to a course or a session.

The easiest way I see we can do this is to have a special exercise "type" or "flag" that we check at the moment a new user wants to subscribe to the course.
This approach, however, bears 2 issues:
* the results of the failing user cannot be stored in the course (because he's not subscribed)
* we cannot "decide" whether the user is subscribed to course A or B (it would just be a test to see if he can register to course A or not)

A more complex approach needs to be considered. One could be to define a mini course just for the test, and be able to define which outcomes come after the test...