Feature #279

Updated by Yannick Warnier about 5 years ago

Add a vCard export icon for users on:
* the "shared profile" page
* the normal profile page
* the users details page (in the admin users list, when clicking on the "i" icon)

The vCard generated should export generic professional data to keep in touch with the user:
* firstname/lastname
* e-mail
* contact phone (if any)
* language (from Chamilo interface's language)

Ideally, when clicking on a vCard export icon through a mobile phone, it should detect it as a new contact.

Microformat's page recommends using h-card rather than vCard:

Also, it recommends wrapping it in a "hcard" tag for better indexation by Google (although this is not the point of our vCards here).

Example of vCard (but find or write a license-compatible library to do that):

Use something like that for the icon: (ask Alex to generate the PNGs and optimize the SVG please)