Feature #7773

Updated by Yannick Warnier over 4 years ago

This task will possibly contain several other tasks.
The objective is to include in Chamilo a generic mechanism through which payments can be registered manually or through electronic payment systems to pay a tuition fee or monthly fees or even occasional activities fees to the school/college/university.

The system itself should enable the creation of any activity that can later be (or not) related to courses or sessions or "promotions" or careers.

* This will first imply a centralized items registration system (see tasks about c_item_property split)
* then the creation of payments tables,
* then the creation of additional administrative roles (financial admin) and non-student roles (parents or DRH could be re-used for that) with relationship between a student and his parents and their payment
* then the creation of a notion of "partial payment" or "repeated fee"
* and all the reports related to the efficient management of these fees

This could re-use and integrate the current sell-courses plugin, and even trigger the rewrite of the plugin to something larger that allows a Chamilo portal to be used to sell other things than courses (for example t-shirts o backpacks of the institution)