Bug #7280

Updated by Yannick Warnier almost 7 years ago


I wonder how I create private links cms.

My problem is:
I want to create private links, ie, only after the user connects he can see a link on a cms page (meaning a page created *inside the homepage*).

Here's an example:
* Optional ***Optional
* Use ***Use ::private at the end of the link to show it only to logged-in users

I tried:

What am I doing wrong?

From already thank you very
Marcelo Bassuma

Note by Yannick:

The idea (as in the video added by Marcelo) is to add a new page *without* a link, but to be able to set it as private.

At the moment, I believe the code checks if there is a link, and if so, it sends the user to the link itself. If there is *no link*, then it sends the user to the content created locally. However, this prevents the system for detecting a "::private" without link...

Make sure using "http://::private" or simply "::private" sends the user to the content page, but only shows the link to connected users.