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LDAP User name, UTF8, password and error code

Added by Jonas Fangstrom almost 10 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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First of all i hope i do this right and not in the wrong place.
I didnt get any respons at the forum on and the one over at dokeos is totaly spamed.
So here it goes again.

First thing first, i got problems with the LDAP (like the title says).
After some tweeking and fiddeling i now can import users from my Active Directory (AD from now on) but there´s some problems.
I can only search for users by entering search in the "last name" field.
When the users are imported to the system their user name becomes their first and last name, not the user name given in AD and they can not log in to the system.
The characters åäö will become several characters like for example ö will become \C3\B6 and å = \C3\A5.
And then, as i said, the passwords dont work at all, i´ll look in to that couse i had it working before i changed in too chamilo so the solution is out there some where :P
But, there is still thiss error code i get, past it down here...
Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at C:\wwwroot\dokeos\main\auth\ldap\authldap.php:1) in C:\wwwroot\dokeos\main\inc\ on line 391

So, problems to solve:
Fix search for first and user name
Set user name to user name and not first and last name
Get the log in to work, and i will (as i said) look in to that my self too.

The rest is a big problem for me!
And i´m totaly lost in it for the moment... i have hit a brick wall!
So please, help me out here.



Updated by Jonas Fangstrom almost 10 years ago


Platform version: Chamilo
The platform is running on a development server!
Windows XP with XAMPP
Active Directory on a seperate Windows 2003 server.

Forgot to write that in the report.


Updated by Yannick Warnier almost 10 years ago

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Hi Jonas and thank you for your report. This is the right place to report it, but the problem you mention is very uncommon and possibly very complex (due to the bad reputation of Active Directory both for encoding and for LDAP compatibility). If you want this solved quickly, you might need to hire a developer. Otherwise this problem will eventually be looked at, but not before 1.8.7 is released.

Please do not use high priority for personal reasons. We understand it is high for you, but we consider it very low for the community as a whole as it only affects you in a very precise situation not likely to occur.


Updated by Jonas Fangstrom almost 10 years ago

Search in first name field - check!
Get user information from AD - check!
Import all users to Chamilo directly - check!
UTF 8 - partly check!
Set user name to user name and not first and last name - check!
Get rid of error code - check

How i did it, i might give you the changelog if you ask kindly.
In other terms, if you dont take me seriusly, im not gona take you seriusly eather.

over and out!

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