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SCORM - LMS communication breaks on user input

Added by mac joost almost 10 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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I'm still using Dokeos, but I checked the Camilio source and it has the same issue:

Working in Dokeos and SCORM, I found that certain user-input can break the ajax communication between the browser and Dokeos.

Found that the ajax calls are done using GET requests. When a user eg. uses the # (hash) character, in GET this is an anchor and everything after the # is ignored.

I changed all the GETS to POSTS and now it works fine. See attached diff.


get-to-post.diff (6.28 KB) get-to-post.diff mac joost, 01/04/2010 11:04



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I'm not opposed to switching to POST, but I4m suspicious about the first change in scorm_api.php. Not sure this one will work (unless this section has in fact been commented out and is not used anymore).

Julio, can you check this one (that the POST in the first change in scorm_api.php in the diff file works) and if it works, apply it? If it doesn't convert that URL string building into different "params".


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Why use POST or GET when we could simply have both ? See

This should fix the problem, but please give me some feedback: Yannick, if you can test it to make sure it's ok...


Updated by mac joost almost 10 years ago

Hi Guillaume,

I chose to use $_POST because in some of the communication GET just isn't an option, but off course using $_REQUEST should be fine.

Good to have a fix!


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Reassigning to you, Yannick. If you can test on your side and make sure it's ok...


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My latest tests with SCORM contents seem to confirm that it works. Nice. Thank you.

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