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all users visible in portfolio

Added by Koen Favere almost 11 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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Nathalie Blocry
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only the own portfolio and the shared portfolio's should be visible for each user.
now a user sees all 15.000 users in the portfolio list.

a perfomant search should be available.
the next button is not sufficient.
the alfabetic search jumps to 'a' if more than 1 page of users is available, and the 'next' button is clicked.



Updated by Sven Vanpoucke almost 11 years ago

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Updated by Nathalie Blocry almost 11 years ago

I think checking viewing rights for all portfolio's before displaying them in the list would put a huge strain on the system.
now every user is shown in the list which isn't workable either.

proposed compromis: show all users who have actually published a portfolio, without checking if the current user has viewing rights on them. Only on actually opening a specific portfolio (clicking on the name) the rights for the specific user on that portfolio are checked.

will check the search function too but I think this is a common component that is used.


Updated by dominique de guchtenaere almost 11 years ago

We have 10.000 users.
Let's say that 500 users will create portfolio's.
I don't think that showing all users is workable.
A perfomant search would help a lot, but still we prefer only to see the 'shared' portfolio's


Updated by Nathalie Blocry almost 11 years ago

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I added a possibility to search on user's names in the portfolio browser
Also added a condition so only users with a published portfolio will be shown.

still have to look at the problem with the "next" button.


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