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Why to we need to publish to be able to create ?

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this is a topic I've already noticed about on the june-2009 Dokeos2.0 platform concerning the creation af a new object (document or annoucement) if we are not in the repository.

The title was, What about splitting the Publish link to Create and Publish ? ^^

I think it would a good thing for compatibility, so for users, to split the Publish screen which lead to the (Create | Browse | Find) screen on 2 links : Create | Publish

For exemple, on > Admin > System Annoucement we have [Publish] [Show All] and if we click on [Publish] we have [create | Browse]
As a result, if you want to "Create", you have to "Publish" before... maybe it is a semantic anomaly that is really disturbing for users.

(see attached file n°1)

If you clik on Create, you have only 1 screen to Create AND Publish your new document.
To help the teacher, who wants to create a document, you may group every creation info on the same page.

(see attached file n°2)

And if you click on publish, you have one screen too

(see attached n°3)

And if you click on the Publish icon you'll be able to fill the Publish form.

Moreover, this will reduce the number of screens and forms on different screens for the end user.

This point in kind of important for us, and had been the recurent subject of discusion on grenoble university when we already showed Dokeos 2.0 / Chamilo 2.0 to some teachers and administrators.

What do you think about it ?



Sans-titre-2.png (3.24 KB) Sans-titre-2.png Adding a Create link with the Publish Link Hubert Borderiou, 26/03/2010 16:58
Sans-titre-4.png (73.9 KB) Sans-titre-4.png Create document in one page Hubert Borderiou, 26/03/2010 16:58
Sans-titre-5.png (29.2 KB) Sans-titre-5.png If you click on Publish Hubert Borderiou, 26/03/2010 16:58



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After some discussion on the Chamilo IRC channel we came up with a 'solution'. We propose to rename the 'Publish' link into an 'Add item' link. That way we try to solve the semantic discussion about publication/creation of content.


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If there are some problems for the end users to understand the 'create' and 'publish' flow we suggest you change the translations on your localhost.


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