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WebCam question on Tests

Added by Marcel Aniceto almost 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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With Adobe Flash and Java being deprecated until this years end, a WebRTC solution must be applied to the actual tests/exams browsers and mobiles compatibility in mind.
I suggest the adoption of:

As it is open-source, MIT license (made with javascript and PHP) and with possibilities of recording/writing on server audio, video or both. And it provides already made usage codes!

This could be an excellent way of testing communications skills on language courses, as well a way to certificate the user doing the exam is really him/her.

A example of what I mean of "certification", is made as company that uses remote-presential tutors (like a webinar), where a person must be available to confirm user data. - -

On Chamilo, this could be substituted by a "webcam response question type" on start/end/middle of the test, using webrtc.
This way we provide a question that asks the user to do or show something, while the server records it and stores the data on the server and/or database as legal proof.



Updated by Yannick Warnier almost 5 years ago

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  • Target version changed from 1.11.0 to 2.0

Hi Marcel,

We've already been looking into that, but the management of privacy laws and the practicalities of implementing the solution when WebRTC still requires permissions to access the webcam in a way that is different from what users are currently used to do makes this implementation of this feature very complex. Feel free to send a contribution including this feature. We will review it and consider it for inclusion into Chamilo. Otherwise, it is likely that it will first appear as a paying solution from one of our official providers (to cover the costs of development) before making its way into Chamilo.

Either way, 1.11.0 is already in Beta version, so no new features are allowed for this version anymore, and by definition a "Feature request" is NOT urgent. The only things that can be urgent are issues that break the system or cause data loss.

I'm setting this as a nice goal for 2.0, but considering we are projecting a release of 2.0 this year, it's likely to be too short too.

You can see that we are progressing in the direction of WebRTC though, as the audio recorder has already been completely replaced by a fully-WebRTC version. However, given the fact Internet Explorer is still a major browser and it doesn't support WebRTC, we still have to provide a Flash-based or Java-based alternative, which adds to the complexity of the whole implementation.


Updated by Marcel Aniceto almost 5 years ago

Ok, understood!

Thanks by the explanation!


Updated by Yannick Warnier almost 5 years ago

No problem.

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