Bug #7985

Chamilo 1.10 platform - Admin become a blank page as soon as you activate iframe capability (impossible to access Administration anymore)

Added by Eric Petitdemange about 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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Hi Everybody,

I hope you are getting well... Her is an issue reported in the french part of the forum.
As soon as, in Administration, you activate iframe, as soon as you save the settings, the platform displays a blank page and there is no way to come back to the Administration.

I try to unzip and replace the files in case, but 1.9.x didn't have the issue.

In the meantime, can someone give me a process to be able to upgrade the 1.10 with the latest Github version please (remember that I'm not as skilled as you guys, so don't hesitate to give dummy advices ;)

Best Regards !!!



Updated by Eric Petitdemange about 6 years ago

Going to the database, table settings_current, I set to false the ID 281 "enable_iframe_inclusion" and the platform is back (the Admin menu is back here....

The thing is that when I searched for 'frame' in the database (selecting all the tables for the search), I found that thje only mentionned IDs are in settings_options, but they are ID 300 for true and 301 for false. Shouldn't it match the ID in Settings_current? (this is just a question as I didn't find any other places where ID 300 and 301 mention 'frame'.

I hope this helps...


Updated by Eric Petitdemange about 6 years ago

Thanks, I didn't think that was related to HTML purifier....As I didn't select it.

Could you please drive me through the process on how to get and install the patch, so I can make a test and therefore confirm whether it is the same issue or if there is a bit more to work on it?

Thanks in advance.


Updated by Yannick Warnier almost 6 years ago

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Updated by Nicolas Ducoulombier almost 6 years ago

I just tested it, repited the issue with 1.10.0 and updated to last version of 1.10.x with the fix and it works fine.


Updated by Yannick Warnier almost 6 years ago

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Thanks for the debugging.


Updated by Eric Petitdemange almost 6 years ago

Hi guys,
I also confirm your patch is fully working !!!
2000 thanks to all (and special one for Julio & Yannick!)

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