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Transactions table for synchronization

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As more and more Chamilo exist, there will be a greater need for synchronization between Chamilo systems. These synchronization events will require a mechanism with a proper vocabulary, that can be considered similar to the vocabulary used for error levels.

In order to optimize management and reduce the inter-systems issues (and facilitate synchronizations with other LMSes), this vocabulary should be established on the basis of integer number.

For example, every "event" involving users should be prefixed "1", every event involving courses should be prefixed "2", etc.

Ideally, this vocab should be compatible with whatever might be required in

This is a DRAFT and will require more work before it is considered interesting for review.

To avoid quick shortage of numerical IDs for items, we shall use double numbers prefixes for all levels, and the last item (99) will be used to extend the list, if needs be.

For example:
  • 00: Installation events
  • 0001: Installation parameters changes
  • 01: Configuration changes
  • 02: User changes
  • 03: Course changes
  • 0301: Course creation
  • 0302: Course properties edition
  • 0303: Course deletion
  • 04: Sessions changes
  • 05: Contents changes
  • 0501: Documents changes
  • 050101: Document creation
  • 0502: Exercises changes
  • 0503: Announcements changes
  • 0504: Forum changes
  • 0505: Gradebook changes
  • 0506: Survey changes
  • 06: Branches changes
  • 07: Plugins changes
  • 08: Skills changes
  • 09: Connectors changes (similar to plugin but involve authentication and are included in the root code)
  • 10: ?



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