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Sorry to be such a nuisance. Regarding a previous ticket on quizzes that was "closed". I ask that it be reopened:

From the previous ticket, here are the open updates:

1. On all tests: When I select a category I receive a fatal error. Error message attached. Update: Fixed

2. matching: cell size for scores too narrow on scoring: Update: Fixed

3. matching: cell width is a bit too short when the student is filling the answers/options: Update: Fixed

4. image zones: I can not get an image to load. I have tried jpg, gif, png. Thus this test is, for me, no functional at this moment.

Update: Still not working - see “alia’s courses” in and open “image zones” quiz in TESTS.

5. Unique answer image: cell size for scores too narrow. Update: Fixed

6. sequence ordering: I can't get it to work for me. I have tried different variations without success. Update: Still not working - see “alia’s courses” in and open “sequence ordering” quiz in TESTS.

7. Previously deleted tests/quizzes are included in the "recycle question" option. Is there a way to clean out previously deleted tests? Update: Not yet answered. Please refer to "alia's courses" and go to "Recycle existing questions - Manage all questions". there you will see a number of deleted quizzes that are clogging the system.

Thanks and cheers.

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Fix sequence ordering see #7846



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6. "sequence ordering" should be fixed now

7. When you delete an exercise, you don't delete the questions, because they could be attached to another exercises.


Updated by AliaMori com over 4 years ago

Don Julio,

4. Image Zone: Todavia no me funciona. SIN EMBARGO - Acabo de ver que esta funciona sobre el Flash. Es cierto? Si es cierto, tal vez sera mejor cancelar/borrar esta tipo de pregunta. Flash is so yesterday.

6. Sequence Ordering: 100% funcionando. Fantastico.

7. Totalmente logico. Pido discuplas por la molestia.



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Regarding Flash: because we all work with open source configs, we lost the ability to update the code of the image type (and we know how we have to change it but we can't - nobody has the Adobe CS stuff we need). However, we cannot "remove it" as it would remove questions people have previously created using this mode. We will leave it as non-functional in 1.10.0 and try to fix it as soon as possible after the release. I will make a note of that in "known issues" of the changelog.

I'm closing again then, considering the rest is all fixed :-)

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