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Online teacher/trainer assistance module

Added by Yannick Warnier over 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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The recent integration of WebRTC into Chamilo 1.10 has opened a new door to great capabilities to be included in Chamilo.

This one is about providing an online "video helpdesk" where teachers or trainers (depending on the case) are available to students on specific timeframes.

To implement this, we need 3 things: (1) an admin panel to manage online trainers, (2) a user interface to check who's available in key areas and (3) a videoconference screen (which we already have with the latest WebRTC integration).

Admin panel

The data to be managed is:
  • helpdesk people (Chamilo users selected for this)
  • timetables for when the helpdesk members will be available (with timezones management)
  • a status (available / not available)
  • an e-mail (maybe this e-mail of assistance is different from the user's e-mail)
  • a register of who had a conference with whom, and for how long (with the ability to take notes - this might be close to the concept of support tickets)
The admin panel itself, similar to the sessions panel, should offer the possibility:
  • to "declare" a new helpdesk topic with a title and a description
  • to declare the timetables for that topic (select days of the week + hours + minutes of start and end)
  • to link those sessions with users (usually teachers role)
  • to review a list of current "ongoing" sessions between a teacher and a student (start time, duration so far, notes taken by teacher, teacher, student)
  • to review a list of previous sessions between a teacher and a student (start time, end time, duration, notes taken by teacher, teacher, student)

User interface to check who's online

To be considered "online", a teacher has to get on a special "Support" page where new requests for support appear (AJAX refresh on page with a button "Answer call")

To connect to a teacher, a student must have access to a "Support" page where all support channels are shown with:
  • teacher name
  • topic
  • timetable of availability
  • a "Call" button if the teacher is available right now. A "Busy" div to replace the "call" if the teacher is already busy. A "Not available" button if we are out of the timetable or the teacher is not connected to the support page at this time.

Videoconference screen

When a student clicks the "Call" button, a call "box" appears to the teacher with an "Answer button". The call box shows the student name, the sessions he's subscribed to at this time and the teachers in this session.
When the teacher "answers", the videoconference screen appears and the videoconference session can start. A text box appears below the conference displays to let the teacher take notes. This is saved every few minutes through an AJAX call.

A chat box should also be available below the video display, so the student can copy-paste a question, for example, and the teacher can be explicit about what he is saying.



Updated by Yannick Warnier almost 5 years ago

  • Target version changed from 2.0 to 3.0

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