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Added by Marko Kastelic about 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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it happens ...
i tried to install platform following instructions (guide) step by step (lazy reader mode ... not reading guide from the first to the very last line) and left with blank page before installation step 1. Look familiar ?
after log inspection i found there is no php session module installed and installer need one before 1st step (step 2 : module checking!)
than i red the whole guide ...


installation is not possibible without mod_session --> is it possible to change procedure to 'draw' something instead of blank page ? or skip session use before step 3 and add check for session module in step 2 ?

i suggest following for installation guide :
1) in pre-requisition section : add PHP 5.3 (or 5.4) with php5_session module !!!!
2) move "PHP configuration" from section 2 to the end of the section 1 (pre-requisitions)

and if one have time, to replace php5_xapian with xapian-bindings (BSD USers section for PHP configuration) since (FREE/NET/OPEN/OS X) BSD uses bindings package(s) for xapian/php,ruby,python,... bindings



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Given says:

"Session support is enabled in PHP by default. If you would not like to build your PHP with session support, you should specify the --disable-session option to configure. To use shared memory allocation (mm) for session storage configure PHP --with-mm[=DIR] ."

...I believe it is not necessary to indicate it in the installation guide.

Could you send a PR on Github with your suggested changes, considering this?


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