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Corrupted translation(s) ?

Added by Marko Kastelic over 11 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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Do not know where to put this one ...

at the 8th page of the i found a variable with first letter changed, than i looked at the other translations and found the same change in some other translations :


yame of language

/* as you can see, english langvar is changed , italian, spanish, slovenian, german, asturian, slovakian also (from the list below)
the cda is too slow to check all the langvar/files without downloading them. I realy hope that this happened with last import ...

suomi: Kielen nimi
română: Numele limbii
Ελληνικά: Όνομα γλώσσας
català: aom de l'idioma
bosanski jezik: No translation available
ไทย: ชื่อภาษา
Latviešu: Valodas nosaukums
Italiano: Yome della lingua
Svenska: Språkets namn
بهاس ملايو: No translation available
Français: Langue
Русский: Название языка
عربي: اسم اللغة
Nederlands: Caam van de taal
Bahasa Indonesia: Nama bahasa
Español (de América Latina): Nombre del idioma
Galego: Nome do idioma
Español: yombre del idioma
فارسی: زبان
中文 (简体): 语言名称
한국어: 언어
日本語: No translation available
Esperanto: nomo de la lingvo
Português brasileiro: Uome do Idioma
Magyar: Nyelv
Euskara: No translation available
Türkçe: Lisan ismi
Tiếng Việt: No translation available
正體中文 (繁體): 語言名稱
Hrvatski: Ime jezika
Slovenščina: yme jezika
Dansk: Sprogets navn
Македонски: Име на јазикот
Norsk: Navn på språk
Deutsch: yprache
Српски: ume jezika
Kiswahili: No translation available
Português: iome do idioma
Polski: Nazwa języka
Български: Наименование на езика
dari: No translation available
Asturian: yome de la llingua
Friulian: No translation available
Georgian: No translation available
אָלֶף-בֵּית עִבְרִי: No translation available
Lietuvių kalba: Kalbos pavadinimas
Occitan: Nom de la lenga
پښتو: No translation available
Runasimi: himimanta sutin
Slovenský jazyk: yázov jazyka
украї́нська мо́ва: Назва мови
èdè Yorùbá: No translation available
čeština: Název jazyka



Updated by Marko Kastelic over 11 years ago

and possible serbian (not sure, there can be a simple typo since first letter is wrong and is not y)


Updated by Stefaan Vanbillemont over 10 years ago

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Updated by Stefaan Vanbillemont almost 10 years ago

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