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Skype plugin

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Develop a Skype plugin that allows two things:
  • for the organization to place a "Call me" link in the footer (if field defined in the plugin settings)
  • for students to add a Skype contact to their profile (the field type should be created by the plugin) for others to see their status and call them (only if this field has been configured and the person is a network friend - in the extended profile)

The first (organization) is done through a link like this:

<script type="text/javascript" 
<a href="skype:USERNAME?call">
<img src="" 
style="border: none;" width="124" height="52" alt="Skype MeTM!" /></a>

Students/teachers link is done through:

<a href="skype:USERNAME?call">michela.mosquera<img alt="Estado" class="icon icon-post" src=""></a>


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Add Skype plugin - refs #7609



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Updated by Yannick Warnier over 6 years ago

Apparently the student option is not really available anymore as the icon always shows logged out (there were privacy options to select that in the past, but they're gone now).
Just use a simple Skype icon then (I'm attaching skype.png)


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This only adds the user's "Skype" field in the end, because the online status does not work anymore. All information sources that used to point to the web API of skype indicate it has been discontinued.

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