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Comments for test options

Added by Paweł Cisło almost 6 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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I suggest changing how comments work for test options - specifically for multiple-answer questions. It doesn't seem to make much sense to display comments only for those options that the student has ticked, whether they are correct or not. It makes more sense to have comments next to incorrect choices only, whether that incorrect choice means ticking or not ticking an option. I want to put an explanation why a given option is correct (and should have been ticked), or an explanation why it's incorrect (and shouldn't have been ticked). What's the point of having comments for the correctly ticked options? I think comments should appear only for incorrect choices, whether ticked or unticked, because that's when students need feedback, not for all the options they ticked. What sort of comment do you need for a correctly ticked option, except "Well done"? But you often do need a comment when a student hasn't ticked an option, but he or she should have. At least I would find it very helpful (and so would my students).



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The current way it works is to show a comment to the student next to his answer, with the purpose being to explain why we consider he is wrong. This way, he can re-take the test many times and still be learning something each time.

While I don't disagree about the usefulness, in certain circumstances, of the way to show the answers as you suggest, it doesn't get to the same goal.

I will postpone a solution to a future version, but feel free to send a pull request on Github with the changes necessary to make this and the current mode work alternatively (as the teacher decides).


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