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Maximum groups per user setting gone?

Added by Jan Derriks almost 5 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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I was trying to reproduce an issue with the GROUP setting:

A user can be member of maximum ... groups

Which is a wonderful way to limit the number of groups a student can choose to subscribe to.
We use it for subscribing to different sub-projects during a course.

To my surprise this option is not available in the demo site (I tried )

The GROUPS tool of chamilo LMS is a "unique selling point". We use it a lot and cannot find an easy way of doing that in Moodle (which we also use).
Even the Chamilo LCMS version does not have a quick way of creating 20 groups and have students subcribe to those.

Why can't I use this option on the demo site?


grp.png (35.9 KB) grp.png Marko Kastelic, 26/11/2014 15:51
Capture.PNG (10.8 KB) Capture.PNG Jan Derriks, 26/11/2014 15:54
criar grupo.mp4 (11.1 MB) criar grupo.mp4 Tomas Rodrigues, 26/11/2014 19:22
Selection_010.png (39.7 KB) Selection_010.png Julio Montoya, 28/11/2014 08:54

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Updated by Marko Kastelic almost 5 years ago

in the past,
there was two settings described as 'limit', so i guess the option was unintentionally removed ?
(look at the end of this post )
... and sorry not to open new issue timely


Updated by Yannick Warnier almost 5 years ago

Hi Jan, could you test is on please? (latest 1.9.10 code). We have worked on the groups trying to fix a series of things, and in the end I believe we left it as is. There are a series of issues with it. You can see them described in #7306.

We had no feedback on this one for about the month it existed, so we decided to postpone a fix/change to the next version, but to my knowledge we didn't remove anything. Please let us know the outcome of a test on because, unless this is really a lost feature, we will be releasing 1.9.10 in a matter of hours, now (it's been in beta for more than 2 weeks).


Updated by Marko Kastelic almost 5 years ago

there is not option for 'Default settings for new groups'
and there is no settings for individual group settings (picture)


Updated by Jan Derriks almost 5 years ago

Tested on Option not found.
Just a reminder of how it looks in our current 1.9.8 I added a screenshot.

It's a bit confusing: limit number_of_users_per_group and limit number_of_groups_per_user, but they are two different very useful things..


Updated by Andrés Alvarez almost 5 years ago

Ya probé en
A) un estudiante puede inscribirse en cuanto grupo quiera, si hay 10 grupos a los 10 se puede inscribir, no hay opción para limitar esta situación, sería muy apropiado tener una opción para que un estudiante se inscriba a X grupos y no a todos.
B) probé también la creación de grupos y chamilo da la opción de crear al instante los grupos que se necesiten y con el número máximo de estudiantes por grupo, ahora si se quiere que los estudiantes se inscriban o anulen su inscripción a los grupos según su criterio hay que ir a la opción de configuración antes de crear los grupos, igual ahí, se pueden habilitar algunas herramientas generales para los grupos.



Updated by Marko Kastelic almost 5 years ago

changes: part of 'new file' main/group/settings.php:

look after "group name" and before "members per group": there is no grop membership limit. Compare my previous image and image from post #7306.

// Group name
$form->addElement('text', 'name', get_lang('GroupName'));
if (api_get_setting('allow_group_categories') == 'true') {
$groupCategories = GroupManager::get_categories();
$categoryList = array();
//$categoryList[] = null;
foreach ($groupCategories as $category) {
$categoryList[$category['id']] = $category['title'];
$form->addElement('select', 'category_id', get_lang('Category'), $categoryList);
// Members per group
$group = array(
$form->createElement('radio', 'max_member_no_limit', get_lang('GroupLimit'), get_lang('NoLimit'), GroupManager::MEMBER_PER_GROUP_NO_LIMIT),
$form->createElement('radio', 'max_member_no_limit', null, get_lang('MaximumOfParticipants'), 1, array('id' => 'max_member_selected')),
$form->createElement('text', 'max_member', null, array('class' => 'span1', 'id' => 'max_member')),
$form->createElement('static', null, null, ' '.get_lang('GroupPlacesThis'))
$form->addGroup($group, 'max_member_group', get_lang('GroupLimit'), '', false);
$form->addRule('max_member_group', get_lang('InvalidMaxNumberOfMembers'), 'callback', 'check_max_number_of_members');
$form->addElement('html', '</div>');
$form->addElement('html', '<div class="span6">');
// Description
$form->addElement('textarea', 'description', get_lang('Description'), array ('class' => 'span6', 'rows' => 6));
$form->addElement('html', '</div>');
$form->addElement('html', '<div class="span12">');
$form->addElement('header', get_lang('DefaultSettingsForNewGroups'));
$form->addElement('html', '</div>');
$form->addElement('html', '<div class="span6">');
// Self registration
$group = array(

source is part of main/group/settings.php merged from aragonc:commit/94984e6b1282f7efcb17b3b5b2f7224e5385046e


Updated by Jan Derriks almost 5 years ago


Groups_per_user code is still present (also GroupManager::get_current_max_groups_per_user )

Please don't remove existing features. Use regression tests to keep old code working.


Updated by Tomas Rodrigues almost 5 years ago

Estou usando chamilo beta.1 para este teste, ou seja, v.1.9.10.
1.criei o grupo com máximo de 2 usuário. Até ai tudo bem. OK.
2. Depois acessei como estudante e registei-me. OK.
3. Depois dos dois registro não é mais permitido se registrar. até ai tudo bem também. OK.
O Bug que encontrei esta em criar um novo documento. Diz que já tem um documento com o mesmo nome.
Administrador e estudantes não podem criar documentos.
Sim. Limpar diretório de arquivos. Eu fiz.
Marcelo Bassuma


Updated by Marko Kastelic almost 5 years ago

Jan Derriks wrote:


Groups_per_user code is still present (also GroupManager::get_current_max_groups_per_user )

Please don't remove existing features. Use regression tests to keep old code working.

a) group_category.php : default settings for the groups / & non-existent group categories:
there is no visual settings displayed since the form construction for both, groups per user and max user is placed inside condition (after line 108):

if (api_get_setting('allow_group_categories') == 'true') {---

and allow_group_categories is set to false; if the option is forced to true, i can get both options shown as at ( but this is unfinished future )

b) settings.php : settings for every individual group (GET . here's another problem: there isn't any code for groups per user option inside form build as been shown in the code (reply/update #6 of this thread)

hm, nothing is lost, just forms construction should be 'changed'. Apparently some of the defaults (settings) will be transfered from groups to groups category in the future ....


Updated by Yannick Warnier almost 5 years ago

Dear all, I'm very happy that you all seem to feel like the groups tool is suddendly very important, after months of development, a month of a related task with no other participation than BeezNest developers, a month of existence of an alpha version, and the appearance of many bugs and expectations.

However, the contribution mechanism is easy enough: create a Github account, fork Chamilo, create a branch (possibly called "7245"), create a patch, create a pull request with the patch, done! We'll take it from there.


Updated by Julio Montoya almost 5 years ago

I think the error was just in a error lang?

Now the text says: "A user can be member of maximum groups" instead if "Limit" this option is only available in the group category as in Chamilo 1.9.6


Updated by Marko Kastelic almost 5 years ago

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and you're right.

group category is an option inside Administration->Configuration settings ->course and should be enabled unless you want to end with only one category (where the option is useless). Btw, i enabled this option /disabled by default/

and you can close this one.


Updated by Yannick Warnier almost 5 years ago

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Thanks. I understand it is fixed, then.


Updated by Jan Derriks over 3 years ago

Another note on this issue: In 1.9.10 I forgot to turn on "group categories". No problem, many groups were created without categories.

Then the request came to set a limit on the number of groups a student could register to. So I turned on the "group categories" option.

This resulted in many groups "disappearing" from courses. Only a few remained. Turning off "group catgories" made restored them (fortunately).

The cause of this fenomenon is still unclear to me but it is certainly undesirable behaviour. I cannot have groups disappearing of course.


Updated by Jan Derriks over 3 years ago

It's dangerous to disable the "group categories" option when there are categories other than "default categories".
To set all group categories to "default" I did: update c_group_info set category_id=2;

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