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1.9.8.x - PDF export doesn't work with uploaded courses

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Hi guys,

A forum user told me that He gets PDF export without images, as this was an old bug that you fixed very fast I was confident this couldn't happen anymore :)

I use downloaded a few days ago from Github working localy ( on a WAMP server.
The platform works well, so no issue with PHP/SQL.... version :)

I created a fake course and added a LP done with the internal authoring tool, and then a second LP (inside the same course) created with an external tool and uploaded on the platform. The software I used is Courselab....

Both appear in the LP and work fine, but, when I click on PDF icon (from LP section), the course I created internaly is exported fine (images + text, regardless the link to the images is absolute or relative), but the imported course is not PDF exported (the pdf exports only a blank page).

The difference I see between the 2 is:
- the integrated tool generates the tree into "document" folder (under the course)
- the external tool upload is done under "scorm" (under the course.

Here are the pathes in case that could help :)

cham198\courses\TESTEXPORTPDF\scorm => path that allows you to access to the uploaded LP directory
cham198\courses\TESTEXPORTPDF\document\learning_path => Path to access to the internal tool course directory

On disposal if I'm not clear or if you need aother things :)
Thanks to you all!

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Please, attach the file created with the external tool


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Here is the file...


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In this particular case with CourseLab, due to that the final HTML code is generated with JavaScript, the HTML body is empty when you try to export to PDF, then an empty PDF is generated


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