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Existing WebServices

Added by florian fournier almost 5 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

Web services
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I wanted to know the specification of existing webservices in website chamilo, to use it for a mobile application ( entries, output, behaviour).

Do you have any documentation about that ?





Updated by Julio Montoya almost 5 years ago

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The current webservices in Chamilo 1.9.x are located in our repository:

Is also possible to reach them in our demo platform (admin/admin) for example:


Updated by florian fournier almost 5 years ago


I saw the source code, and I wanted to know, how can I access to the information about the contained of one course/excercice ( question, audio, video) since the webservice ?

I need this information to display the question and other component of the excercice.



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As far as I know we don't have code in the webservices that deals with the exercises and learning path creation/creation.
If you want that behaviour new code need to be added. Maybe Yannick could provide more feedback about this?


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Sorry, I'm just discovering this task now. Florian, could you find more info? Are you still looking?
There are other scripts available in main/webservices/, but the most useful would probably be to check as it is code meant for consuming content through a mobile app


Updated by Yannick Warnier over 4 years ago

A first step would be to implement oauth correctly in Chamilo.
We can either wait for 2.0 and implement it as a Symfony component (I think this would be waaay too long to wait until then) or use one of the following libraries:

Then the next step would be to implement REST services.
There is already a working example of that here: but the code is disorganized and not self-documented enough in order to understand why the whole Thrift package is used (and possibly hacked) and what it does exactly.


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