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Move the logs folder inside of data

Added by Yannick Warnier over 6 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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After careful consideration, I think we should move the logs/ folder inside the data/ folder.

This would allow the installation to be made by changing permissions on only one folder.

On the other side, the negative effect was assumed to be the fact that logs do not require any backup, and as such you shouldn't include them in the data/ folder.
This, however, is contradicted by the fact of having the archive/ directory inside the data directory.

As a result, moving the logs/ folder inside the data/ folder will allow a one-step permissions configuration during installation and move away the complexity to the backup-taking (which already had to filter out the data/archive/ directory), which is arguably the most advanced operation a normal Chamilo administrator will have to do on such a portal, anyway.

So it all makes sense. Please move logs/ to data/logs/ and update the installer correspondingly.

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Updated by Julio Montoya over 6 years ago

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I think you're changing your mind a lot :)

The "logs" folder was inside the data folder.

See your comment here:


Updated by Jose García (Nosolored) over 6 years ago

One point about this issue:
In our hostings, the /logs folder, is a system folder (Apache's log), and It's in the domain root path.
We can't change this folder and it isn't writable. This is a problem if we would like install Chamilo in the root.
Could you rename (to "log" for example) this folder o locate it in another path?

Según la estructura actual en la carpeta log estaría en la raíz.

Para evitar problemas en nuestros hostings y de otros proveedores, ¿podríais renombrar logs a log o logschamilo o cualquier otro? ¿o ser modificable en la configuración?

Muchas gracias

Un saludo.


Updated by Yannick Warnier over 4 years ago

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The logs folder was moved inside of the app/ folder.

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