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Question exportation / numerous tag missing xml file

Added by serge bayol over 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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The exercices exportation tool ignore some tags like the images and some type of answers. The XML file produced is not complete.
i'm looking for some helps debugging this functionnality which can be very usefull.


qti2export_3.xml (2.47 KB) qti2export_3.xml serge bayol, 13/12/2013 16:24 (1.3 KB) serge bayol, 23/12/2013 10:09



Updated by Yannick Warnier over 7 years ago

Hi Serge,

Could you post here an example of exercise (you can export it with the course export feature selecting only the exercise component) and the resulting XML + the XML you would expect?

The code for XML export in IMS/QTI2 of exercises is available in the main/exercice/expot/qti2/ folder in your Chamilo installation. The reason why images are not exported at the moment (I guess) is because the images themselves cannot be stored in the XML without using base64 strategies or something like that. Any suggestion on how we should do it (based on something written in the standard) would help make it better.


Updated by serge bayol over 7 years ago

Hi Yannick,
First thanks for answering. In fact i'm facing a problem of importing lots of exercises from simple choice to multiple choice from quiz manager which export an xml document. In this xml file the image path is written in the <choiceInteraction .. image="pathToTheImage.jpg> tag. I also found there is some problems with questions appariment which is not well export as well. this exercice is avalaible in with the name benoit test. This exercice exportation give the xml file join. there is no tag for the image path and the appariment tags are empty.

I'm already looking in the folder you gave me and i try to look at the solution but i'm new to Chamilo and i'm still lost in the working class !
I understand the transfer of the images is a real problem but maybe can we simply transfer the to the appropriate folder, time to check a more user friendly solution using base64 encoding.
Thanks a lot for your response.


Updated by serge bayol over 7 years ago

Bonjour Yannick,
Voila un exemple de fichier xml issu d'une question à choix unique de quizmanger. J'arrive maintanant à récupérer le path de l'image, mettre à jour la BDD de chamillo avec cette info => c_quiz_question => description


Updated by Yannick Warnier about 7 years ago

  • Target version changed from 1.9.8 to 2.0

This task has to move to 1.10. It is a high weight task, so not easy to include. Sorry.

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