Bug #6519

New course listing is pointing to dirname instead of course code

Added by Yannick Warnier almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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In Chamilo 1.10, create a course called "ABC" (with the corresponding ABC code).
Delete the course (the folder remains in /courses/)
Create a new course called "ABC" (don't force the code to ABC).
Code (in the course table) should be ABC but folder should be something like ABC53 (or anything added to "ABC" which already existed as a folder).
Now go to your courses list: the link to the course is pointing to /web/courses/ABC53/, which was fine before (1.9) because it was really pointing to the directory, but now we use it to get the course code, so it doesn't work anymore...



Updated by Julio Montoya almost 8 years ago

Delete the course (the folder remains in /courses/)

In Chamilo 1.9.6 and Chamilo 1.10 when you delete the course the folder is removed.


Updated by Julio Montoya almost 8 years ago

I found a bug that exists in chamilo 196 and 1.10

1. Create a course "ABC". (the folder is created)
2. Create a course "ABC" I'm redirected to the course list any message appears.


Updated by Yannick Warnier almost 8 years ago

OK, change of procedure for my initial report.

  • Create a course "ABC"
  • Reinstall Chamilo using the same folders (logical reference to course disappears but folder remains)
  • Create a course "ABC"
  • The "directory" register in the course table says "ABC4343" (for example) and an "ABC4343" folder is created in data/courses/
  • In your courses list, click the course item, it directs you to /web/courses/ABC4343, which triggers an error (404)

I know, this is not your typical production case, but I think we should at least warn the admin creating the course that there might be a problem because a folder was created with another name.

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