Bug #6464

Peer assessment: self subscribing in group - no other users already in groups

Added by Anneleen Verckens about 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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Anneleen Verckens
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- peer assessment with self-subscription to groups
- see as student - subscribing to one group
- trying to fill in an attempt while no other users subscribed to group
- red sign 'you are the only user in this group'
=> but when does a student know that the group is 'full', or that all other students are subscribed? It is possible to start filling in an attempt while not all users are already subscribed, but this should be impossible.




Updated by Anneleen Verckens about 8 years ago

As a course manager I filled in by settings 'minimum amount of users in group: 6' (and maximum 8) - but this seems to have no effect on the fact of a student can start giving scores. Logically I should expect that a student only can give scores when the minimum of 6 is reached (but what with number 7 and 8?)


Updated by Sven Vanpoucke about 8 years ago

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Updated by Jens Vanderheyden about 8 years ago

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this clearly needs more analysis
multiple options are possible

  • as soon as the first scores are given no more group subscriptions are possible
  • scores can only be given as soon as the max user amount is reached
  • the teacher has to open the scoring (and subscriptions are closed at the same time)
  • ...

all can be implemented through a setting


Updated by Anneleen Verckens almost 8 years ago

Most logical seems: the teacher has to open the scoring (and subscriptions are closed at the same time)

Students should not be possible to give scores when the group is not complete yet (PA is always after group work, so group should be complete before starting group work too), the first option is not save enough


Updated by Jens Vanderheyden almost 8 years ago

this will not be implemnted for the time being since self subscription is commented out


Updated by Anneleen Verckens almost 8 years ago

I thought self-subscription would still be possible, but only some changes in what you see choosing self-subscription (incl min-max group members etc) or not (no min-max group members-boxes etc). But maybe that is not possible to realize now?

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