Bug #6458

Peer assessment: assessment is not locked for course manager after students started to give scores

Added by Anneleen Verckens over 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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Anneleen Verckens
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After the first student started to fill in the first scores, the peer assessment should be locked for changes in
- criteria
- attempts
- scale-choice
- settings
Locking groups should be thoroughly thought trough (eg. attempt 1 passed, a new student comes in, can't participate in attempt 1 but still in attempt 2 - is it a problem/possible to subscribe this student in a group only for the second attempt - a solution for the first attempt can be giving him/her neutral scores = no impact on final result for that attempt)

- changing attempt date after filling in scores is possible
- adding criteria after filling in scores is possible
- scale and way of scoring (only scores, scores + feedback) can be changed after filling in scores




Updated by Sven Vanpoucke over 7 years ago

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Updated by Jens Vanderheyden over 7 years ago

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following updates have been made, i have following questions:
- criteria are locked when scores are given. but as of then the text of the criteria can only be changed through the repository, is this ok?
- in my opinion attempts should not be locked, any number of extra attempts does not interfere with the scores
- scale-choice will have to become separated from the context of the content object. I'll lock the setting as soon as the content object is created, it is too basic a setting...
- settings will be locked
- locking groups has already been implemented, however only the memberships, should naming also be locked (what in case of typos?)


Updated by Jens Vanderheyden over 7 years ago

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Updated by Anneleen Verckens about 7 years ago

Add more criteria is NOT locked (scrsh)

Change users in groups is locked = ok
Attempts => see discussion

Change settings is NOT locked (scrsh)


Updated by Anneleen Verckens about 7 years ago

Scale and way of scoring is locked = OK


Updated by Jens Vanderheyden about 7 years ago

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