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Peer assessment: obligatory 'minimum-maximum' users per group is useless by subscribing to groups by teacher

Added by Anneleen Verckens over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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A teacher chooses to subscribe students to groups by him/herself, not free subscription by students. In the settings-screen it is still obligatory to define minimum-maximum users per group while this is useless.
When giving values that do not correspond with the amount of users already subscribed to the groups (eg. I subscribed 3-4 users per group, and give in the settings screen as minimum '6' and maximum '8', this only gives a red sign/error without any explanation why.
Better should be that if a teacher subscribes users to groups itself, the min-max setting is not obliged to fill in. Minimum there should be a clear explanation to the teacher why the case above (min-max not corresponding with amount of users already in groups) did not work.


PA_min-max_groep.JPG (16.7 KB) PA_min-max_groep.JPG Anneleen Verckens, 18/07/2013 09:43
PA_min-max_error.JPG (4.58 KB) PA_min-max_error.JPG Anneleen Verckens, 18/07/2013 09:43



Updated by Anneleen Verckens over 8 years ago

Also filling in minimum-maximum group members in concordance with real amount of users in group (eg. 2-4) gives a red sign without explanation


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I will disable the min-max boxes when direct subscribing is not available.

I need some feedback on the following : when direct subscribe is active and a min-max is set. is the teacher (or the person with sufficient rights) able to override this, can he/she add more/less users to a certain group via the regular group creator? If yes the working method remains the same.


Updated by Jens Vanderheyden over 8 years ago

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Updated by Anneleen Verckens over 8 years ago

I gave an update via email to the support but this doesn't work (mails don't arrive).

Now self subscription is not available anymore, is it possible to solve it in the way described above? (direct subscribing not available = no min-max boxes, but when direct subscribing is available (now it is not) the min-max boxes are there)

Your question about overruling min-max set by teacher: seems ok, so yes

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