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Tin Can / Experience API integration

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The xAPI defines a Learning Record Store (LRS), which works kind of like the skills acquisition: they could be stored in skill_rel_user in chamilo 1.10, with a different kind of skill_id, or the skill_id could be used but the skill table would just store a reference to the xAPI resource...
OR it could be used as a lower-level item like an lp_item_view (with a status). It's between lp_item, lp_item_view and skill, skill_rel_user, really.

Apparently (to be confirmed), to be a LRS, Chamilo should have ways to store statements as defined in (a combination of statement properties), which are like sentences in English (I did this = actor verb object ...).

  • A Statement MUST use each property no more than one time.
  • A Statement MUST use “actor”, “verb”, and “object”.
  • A Statement MAY use its properties in any order.

Apparently, the messaging is done through JSON, so an example of the simplest possible Statement using all properties that MUST or SHOULD be used would look like this:

    "id": "12345678-1234-5678-1234-567812345678",

The specifications also define that what answers the recording calls (i.e. the LRS) must implement specifications like adding an HTTP X-... header and check the version of the xAPI in the incoming calls, etc. See



Updated by Yannick Warnier almost 8 years ago

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Updated by Yannick Warnier almost 8 years ago

Reading a lot more about this, it appears like it really shouldn't be integrated to the learning path, as it covers a wider area.
I would say we develop new tracking tables for this.

Also, there's some use for the conversation in Moodle's forum about this integration: as they initially thought about integrating it into LP as well, then decided to back off and make something separate which connects to their SCORM module (which seems logical indeed).

The closest item we have in Chamilo at the moment is actually the horizontal timeline in the personal tracking page. I think making it vertical would increase visibility (we could show several items at once).

Also, see the video here:, it's interesting to get a real technical overview.

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