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Added by Marko Kastelic almost 13 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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Search function works real good. Can select a language from translations page, can select anything i wish from selected language file. Ok for now. But is it possible to select anything from selected language pack (from all the files of the selected language) ?
Why do i need thus search ?
- looking for a variable name i know but do not know the part of which file is
- looking for the translation string i know, but do not know the file where is written



Updated by Marko Kastelic almost 13 years ago

1) this post is not about the bug but should be a future
2) i missed advanced search option, that can be solution for the first noted option


Updated by Hans De Bisschop almost 13 years ago

There is, as far as i know, also an advanced search on the system where you can search in all language packs for a certain language with both the variable name and the translation. (Advanced search is located at first page)


Updated by Marko Kastelic almost 13 years ago

Not quite true; with advanced search option i can search within variable-name field, not less not more. I cannot search within translation field.
--->Operation such is "convert back all 'trainings' to 'courses' " from the use of the tool ... is a masochism (unknown number of variables from unknown number and unknown name of the files,..) - "dirty translations" can help if flag is set
--->if i want to change existing translation string and i do not know which language file is part of, i had a big trouble (eq. made a typo: legth instead of length, i can see typo when logged to the portal, i want to change the typo ... i do not know the variable name to use advanced search, i do not know the file name to search within the file ...


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Updated by Stefaan Vanbillemont almost 11 years ago

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