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Set Spanish as parent language for Quechua

Added by Yannick Warnier almost 7 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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During install and update, make sure Spanish is set as a parent language for Quechua, Basque (Euskera), Galician, Asturian and Catalan.
This way, all these languages will default to Spanish when a term is not translated (instead of English).

This is slightly complicated, as there is an AUTO_INCREMENT on the column and we don't know in advance (not formally) the ID of the Spanish language before inserting it (and Asturian comes before Spanish).
This requires a series of UPDATE based on the ID of "Spanish" in the language table in db_main.sql, + a series of UPDATE in the update_db script.

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Related to Chamilo LMS - Bug #6713: Missing features in Chamilo v2New19/09/2013


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Added by Yannick Warnier over 4 years ago

Minor improvement of previous db migration script to set parent languages - refs #6088



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Added in and checked. Everything seems fine, although the query is based on a fixed ID for the main languages, so it might generate problems for old installations, but usually this should be solved by the fact that languages should be complete.

I have added a note to the changelog to mention that, but to avoid the issue I would need to update the Version20150504....php to query for the language ID before doing the update, and I'm not sure how I must do that.


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Found an example somewhere else and fixed previous migratoin

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