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Personal learning path (PLP)

Added by Yannick Warnier almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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There is one little thing with massive impact that is missing from Chamilo right now: the ability to design a Personal Learning Path for a student, in a way that would make it possible for a student, for example, to subscribe to the platform and choose (instead of a course) to subscribe to a personal learning path.

The way I see it is:
  • the user subscribes to the platform
  • he goes to the courses catalog
  • a specific section says "Personal Learning Paths", when he enters he says the "Personal Learning Paths Templates"
  • upon subscribing to a personal learning path, he gets subscribed to the first course/resources of the PLP and he can see (but not access yet) all the steps of his personal learning path (a vertical view with one step on each line)
  • once he completes step 1, he can move to step 2, etc

This is similar (in logic) to a learning path, except that the resources can be located in any course (and the student is automatically subscribed to the course/session so he has access to other resources in this course if he wants to).

At a database level, we would need:

  id int unsigned not null primary key AUTO_INCREMENT,
  title varchar(100) default '',
  description text default '',

CREATE TABLE plpt_item (
  id int unsigned not null primary key AUTO_INCREMENT,
  plpt_id int unsigned not null,
  title varchar(100) default '',
  session_id int unsigned not null,
  course_id int unsigned not null,
  tool_id int unsigned not null,
  item_id int unsigned not null 
CREATE TABLE plp_user (
  id int unsigned not null primary key AUTO_INCREMENT,
  user_id int unsigned not null,
  plpt_id int unsigned not null,
  assigned_at datetime,
  completed_at datetime,
  total_time int unsigned not null, --total time in seconds spent on the path

It should be possible to alter a PLP on the fly for all users subscribed to it (the program changed, everybody needs to be aware of it) with the corresponding messages sent to the users.

This could be the opportunity to order the c_item_property table to allow for a better structure of the list of system items (currently the table mixes the notion of activity log and items register).

On a parallel aspect, we will need a way to register skills to resources directly (not necessarily passing through a gradebook, or at least avoiding the complexity of the gradebook), so we might need a table for that.

We will require a complete interface for that, connected to the social network page. I will add new mock-ups soon.



Updated by Eric Petitdemange almost 8 years ago

Just one minor thing, as I occured that course catalog allow student to access courses even if not registered into (which causes issue for exams), will this feature accessible without using hotest course and course catalog?

Thanks :)


Updated by Alexander Hu almost 8 years ago



Updated by Yannick Warnier almost 5 years ago

  • Target version changed from 2.0 to 3.0

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