Bug #5183

Some issues concerning course types: language, invisible tools, announcements...

Added by Liesbeth De Blaere about 9 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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Michael Hosdez
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When creating a course type (e.g. general courses on c3dev) and
- you change the language to dutch and
- make some tools invisible
and then you create a course from that type, it seems language nor invisible tools are implemented...

On our installation (latest version, not the version on c3dev) it also seems that announcements have completely disappeared! You no longer have announcements in your course :s
Hope this is an issue from our install, but am not sure :(



Updated by Anthony Hurst about 9 years ago

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  • Target version changed from Backlog (default) to LCMS 3.1

There seems to be no issue with interpreting the contents of the contents of the form on submission. Corrections made to stable when loading form to set tool defaults.

I am not certain what is meant by your second point. Would you mind clarifying?


Updated by Michael Hosdez almost 9 years ago

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Still an issue.


Updated by Anthony Hurst almost 9 years ago

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  • Assignee changed from Anthony Hurst to Michael Hosdez

Issue readdressed on stable. Please retest.


Updated by Anonymous about 8 years ago

Bug resolved on LCMS 4

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