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Session course is not session course

Added by Marko Kastelic about 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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session courses behaves like independent courses: tools access, users lists/management, ...



Updated by Marko Kastelic about 9 years ago

just when 'Use training sessions' = no.
i'm leaving this issue open because of inconsistency when sessions are not enabled: sessions can be created, session is shown and accessible, there is no session name in 'course' list, session course behave like normal course and this way shown 2 times in my couses list ...
it is to decide what to do with sessions when sessions are not enabled (can be created, can be accessed, .... or enabled sessions by default (removing 'use' option)


Updated by Marko Kastelic about 9 years ago

checked one of mine old 1.8 platforms. When sessions are disabled, sessions are removed from course lists, all session related options are removed from admin settings interface. This solves issues mentioned in previous post. But: here comes the problem with a session admin role. When sessions are disabled and such user/users exist, what's his role on the platform ? Can he act as normal registered user ?


Updated by Yannick Warnier about 9 years ago

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The sessions mode will be the only one possible starting from 1.9 I think. Right, Julio? So this wouldn't be a problem anymore. Now, if someone creates a "sessions admin" without knowing what a session is or reading the corresponding admin manual to know what it is, it says a lot about that person as a user...

We can't "remove" the sessions admins roles either...


Updated by Marko Kastelic about 9 years ago

than i vote for removing option 'Use training session' and use default setting with 'on'


Updated by Julio Montoya about 9 years ago

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Session mode is on by default, in fact I removed that switch so sessions are always available.


Updated by Julio Montoya about 9 years ago

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Feel free to reopen if something is missing .

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