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fatal error search portal

Added by dominique de guchtenaere over 10 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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searching for a Content object via collaboration - search portal, I get a fatal error.

Idem via the block Search portal on the home page. (see screen shot)


search_portal.png (24.7 KB) search_portal.png dominique de guchtenaere, 10/07/2012 15:58

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Revision b86b066c (diff)
Added by Yannick Warnier over 13 years ago

Commented return message to avoid breaking headers (fixes #5155)



Updated by dominique de guchtenaere over 10 years ago

works as admin, not as an ordinary user


Updated by Parcifal Aertssen over 10 years ago

Looking at the code, it should also work if you allow all content objects to be searched (administration -> admin -> repository). However, this is currently not the case... enabling this, will prevent an error message, but no search results are shown (you stay on the homepage)


Updated by Parcifal Aertssen over 10 years ago

In total it were 3 bugs. I fixed it now so that the non-admins can search their own objects. But someone should review the code for searching the shared content objects with the user.


Updated by Parcifal Aertssen over 10 years ago

the line I commented out (for searching shared content objects), generates this SQL error:

[Native message: Unknown column 'alias_rcous.user_id' in 'where clause']
[Native code: 1054]
[Last executed query: SELECT COUNT FROM `repository_content_object` AS alias_rco LEFT JOIN `repository_shared_content_object_rel_category` AS alias_rscorc ON `alias_rco`.`id` = `alias_rscorc`.`content_object_id` WHERE (((((`alias_rco`.`title` LIKE '%test%' OR `alias_rco`.`description` LIKE '%test%')) AND `alias_rco`.`state` = 2) AND (`alias_rco`.`owner_id` = '4' OR (`alias_rcous`.`user_id` = '4'))) AND NOT (`alias_rco`.`current` = 0))]
[25/09/2012 - 18:29:00] [Message: MDB2 Error: no such field] [Information: _doQuery: [Error message: Could not execute statement]


Updated by Yannick Warnier almost 8 years ago

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Applied in changeset chamilo-18:chamilo-lms|commit:b86b066c6d914afcc8c8fda15e9551ec58197dbc.

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