Bug #5078

Values for additional user fields are shared across all users (Chamilo 2.1 stable)

Added by Bram Thielemans about 10 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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This is a bug encountered in Chamilo 2.1 (stable)

Have two separate users accounts ready in Chamilo.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Build a new user field (Administration -> User -> Build user fields). A textbox field is easiest for testing.
2. Log in with one user account, go to 'My account -> AdditionalAccountInformationTitle' and set a value for the additional field.
3. Log in with another user account and go to 'My account -> AdditionalAccountInformationTitle'. You'll notice that the value stored for user A is displayed here. Assign a different value to the additional field.
4. Log in with the first user again and go to 'My account -> AdditionalAccountInformationTitle'. The value stored by the other user account is now shown here.

Further info:
The table responsible for storing this information contains just one record after going though the steps listed above:

mysql> select * from admin_dynamic_form_element_value;
| id | user_id | time       | dynamic_form_element_id | value   |
|  4 |       6 | 1340866043 |                       B | value A |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

This bug has 2 causes:
1. Before storing the value for this field, records from the admin_dynamic_form_element_value table matching a given dynamic_form_element_id are deleted before they are inserted again. The user_id column is not taken into account, so records for all users are deleted.
2. When retrieving the current value for the additional field from the admin_dynamic_form_element_value table, the user_id is again not taken into account.

Proposed solution:
Apply the attached additional-user-fields.patch file to the chamilo stable repository. This will update the common/extensions/dynamic_form_manager/php/dynamic_form_execute_form.class.php file with the, in my mind, necessary changes.


additional-user-fields.patch (3.29 KB) additional-user-fields.patch Bram Thielemans, 28/06/2012 10:12



Updated by Bram Thielemans about 10 years ago

The MySQL table posted initially is incorrect. Something messed up when copying. Here's a correct version:

| id | user_id | time       | dynamic_form_element_id | value   |
|  5 |       6 | 1340869265 |                       1 | value B |


Updated by Stefaan Vanbillemont almost 10 years ago

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