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Preceding and tailing blanks can seriously impact the results when search from the second tab (the advanced search):
- searching on a term with one or more preceding or tailing blanks will result in all objects being shown
- searching with multiple terms (e.g. 'Chamilo handleiding') will show all objects where either one of the two terms is used
The same search from the search field in the action menu (even on the same page) has completely different results: any blanks are interpreted literally (often resulting in empty lists); the same goes for a search such as 'Chamilo handleiding' which leads to an empty list as there is no literal combination 'Chamilo handleiding' in title or description.

Other remarks:
- in Dutch the correct terms to search are 'van ... tot' and these should include both the start and end date!
- also in the advanced search, it is clear from testing that the create date is being used when searching on 'gewijzigd': I had recently changed two announcements; remarkably theywhich never turned up when searching for them with a small time spam up to now, but they turned up when I widened the spam to include all announcements. So it appears that these were old announcements which were recently changed. They were not shown because the create date did not lie within the CHANGE time span (findings duplicated by Sonia Vdm)

The basic search logic in both search methods (advanced and action menu) should be the same.
For the advanced search at least one would expect to be able to use AND / OR logic and wild card characters.



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