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'My views' tab and its use in the repository

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There are serious usability problems here.
Whereas a defined view in Chamilo 2 could be used straight from the dropdown object type menu, you now first have to select a specific view from the view tab, then return to the repository tab to be able to see any objects belonging to the defined type. The result depends on the category position you had in the repo view, but this is no longer viewable, so you have to guess.
Suggestion 1: the result should show all objects of the defined type and it should also show in which category they are located (the same is true when working from the filter tab: it does not show the category where the object is located)
Suggestion 2: integrate Myviews in the filter tab with the standard object types and keep the last tab for defining the views (or put this back in the left column where it used to be)

Other problem: if you first happen to click on My views (Mijn weergaves), instead of any particular view, the preceding does not work when you return to the repo view: you only get to see the defined views, not a list of selected objects.

Information here is additional to: 5013 and the extensive analysis over there

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see issue 5013

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