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Implement Doctrine for database access

Added by Laurent Opprecht over 7 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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Updated by Laurent Opprecht over 7 years ago

I did a dry run:

  • I removed the c_ from course table to have cleaner names for entities: c_announcement becomes announcement. One issue is that c_group clashes with group. This could be changed to CourseAnnouncement
  • don't know where to put those so for the moment they are located under inc/entity - there are quite a bit of classes generated so it would not make sense to have them in inc/lib -
  • I put metadata files under inc/entity/metadata and repositories files under inc/entity/repository to avoid having too many files under the same folder
  • I kept on using "table" casing for property/method names i.e. get_id instead of getId
  • there is a table called class and this obviously create an issue since this is a reserved word - would need to manually change the name of the class to something else - note that the table name can stay.
  • Doctrine does not support auto assigned numbers for multiple keys. So for course tables (they have two keys: id, c_id) it is not possible to do an insert without setting the value for id. I went on doing (select max(id)+10 where ...) in a pre save method. But this is not 100% bullet proof, if somebody tries to make an insert at the same time in the same course this will fail. Another option would be to introduce a new type of entity generator but that would require some kind of modifications to the metadata factory at best - which could be done by creating our own. By the way I think that autoassign number for multiple keys work only for the ISAM engine.
  • Beside a simple mapping one could add relationships to the object model. For example c_announcement would have a property called course of object course. With this scheme you don't provide get_c_id but replaces it by get_course. Doctrine does the work of lazy loading, optimization etc. If you want to set the value of c_id you use set_course instead and provide a real object course. Now I don't believe this is possible because c_id is part of the primary key.
  • Other kind of relation ship mapping would need to be done manually - for example forum_category to forum_forum etc

Updated by Laurent Opprecht over 7 years ago

As a matter of fact I didn't do this by hand but hooked into the code generation engine of doctrine/symphony


Updated by Laurent Opprecht over 7 years ago



Updated by Laurent Opprecht over 7 years ago

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