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course - publish document - import ZIP

Added by Anneleen Verckens almost 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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For a simple user not clear how this function works
- you think 'hey, I can import a ZIP in my course'
- you start the import of a selected ZIP
- you get the overview of the content objects in the ZIP (but not the ZIP as a whole, which I expect as a simple user)
- you want to select all items to publish - this doesn't work (see bug
- but meanwhile the ZIP is already unpacked in the repository! (which you don't expect as a simple user)

If importing a ZIP is not possible in the course, don't create this expectation?



Updated by Michael Hosdez almost 8 years ago

See also Bug #4943


Updated by Stefaan Vanbillemont over 7 years ago

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Importing a ZIP is possible if you use the Create tab and select the ZIP file. I understand there is a 'conflict' with the import tab and its functionality.


Updated by Stefaan Vanbillemont over 7 years ago

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