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Viewing a document in the Repository gives html link, not the content

Added by Michael Hosdez over 10 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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Hans De Bisschop
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Viewing a document (without attachment) in the Repository gives a html link, not the content itself.

After clicking the html link you need to open the html file into a (new) browser window, it needs to be displayed immediately.



Updated by Sven Vanpoucke over 10 years ago

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This is new behavior in chamilo 3. The documents are only shown in learning paths. You should ask the author of this change (i don't know who) why he changed the default behavior.


Updated by Ludwig Theunis over 10 years ago

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I think this is a major drawback of the use of chamilo documents. I was a huge fan of the integrated document creating with chamilo, even in chamilo 1.8.5, I tried to promote this to users to use the document feature of Chamilo in stead of uploading documents witch can't be changed directly, I even promote this over google doc's. They are always complaining they have to go through to many steps to update document from a word processor. So I tell them to use the chamilo document so they don't have that problem. Also the documents would load much faster and directly in to the browser without having to worry if the user has the correct software to view it. They are able to put images, sounds, video's, ... and even directly Equations into the chamilo document...
The use of Chamilo documents makes the use of the repository much more efficient than whatever other document you can upload. This because images etc are stored separately and can be reused in other chamilo documents over and over. With the use of templates you can even prepare some documents with logo's etc...

So I think this really breaks the usability of the Chamilo Documents and I will not be able to convince them to use it.
A test on my linux desktop is even worse. The default handling of a downloaded-html document is to open it with an editor (gedit) and not to open it in the browser. So for linux users you would have to convince them to click the link to download the html document and then have to select a browser app instead of the suggested editor.


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