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MIgration bug review

Added by Hubert Borderiou over 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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I'm testing migration from dok€os1.8.6.1 to chamilo 1.9
migration process follows these steps : -> -> -> 1.8.8 -> 1.9
I've got several issues.
I'll correct them in a script called after the common migration process.
This script will

1 : first of all check if there is the issue at the end of the common migration process (may be you migrate from a newer version than me, and you'll not have the issue at all)
2 : if there is the issue, correct it

Why I don't use migrate-db-1.8.X-1.8-Y.sql nor ?
The aim of the migration is to reach version 1.9 from version (1.6.X to 1.8.8)
I think it will really be too long, and tedious, to test every migration from every older version to check where came the issue, just to put the patch in the right migrate-db-1.8.X-1.8-Y.sql or
(Remember that the aim of the migration process is to reach version 1.9, not to stop before reaching heaven)

I'll put in this task issues I found from dok€os1.8.6.1



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Hubert, this is a very important task for us, but I'm afraid we might have to close the alpha phase without it if you don't help us with the details...


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Updated by Yannick Warnier about 8 years ago

Hubert, I guess we can close this one? (given you've already migrated)


Updated by Hubert Borderiou about 8 years ago

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Yes I'm going to close it.
I did a post migration script for my case only :s
It's not going to be interresting for you like it is, but if you have any question about dokeos->chamilo migration I'll be glad to share my experience.

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